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Creator Of Humankind: Enki – God Of Eridu

Enki (“En” Lord, “ki” Earth) is one of the three, most relevant gods of Mesopotamian civilization. He symbolizes art, design, wisdom and creation. The god Enki is elucidated as The Lord of Earth, son of…

What To Eat Before And After The Workouts?

Except you need to eat a lot of fresh food while avoiding the processed food, there are a few more tricks that can help you to make some effects of the exercise more and more…

What Is The Worst Food To Consume Before Sleeping?

Some of the nutrition and health specialists have compiled a list of products that you should avoid consuming in the evening, more precisely before you lie down, as they can disturb your sleeping, but also…

Apollo 8 May Have Seen An Alien Spaceship

A discussion of issues was inspired by some of the newest photos connected to Apollo 8’s expedition to the Moon. Notable to many, Apollo 8 is respected for being the first vehicle that ever drove…

Food To Strengthen The Muscle Mass

When you lifting some weights or doing some similar resistance exercises, it’s crucial to “feed” your muscles, and also it is very important what kind of food you will consume before you start. Here is…

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