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Creator Of Humankind: Enki – God Of Eridu

Enki (“En” Lord, “ki” Earth) is one of the three, most relevant gods of Mesopotamian civilization. He symbolizes art, design, wisdom and creation.

The god Enki is elucidated as The Lord of Earth, son of An.

His one and only responsibility was to create men and inspire and stimulate other divine creatures to trust them. Enki was the main god of Eridu and he had an impact on the Mesopotamian history.

Enki was connected with the southern band of stars sequence called stars of Ea and with the northern stars pattern called Pegasus.

Enki’s hallowed number was a numeric ideogram for “40” as he was mentioned with it in the written evidence during the second millennium before Christ.

The legends say that Enki created the humankind with an aim of discharging the gods out of any work. Enki used an existing hominid which he handed in an unknown way, probably genetic, to create a human that will be able to understand the demands of the gods.

Later, Enki is honored as man’s salvation of the universal flood proposed by Enlil because he warned Ziusudra about it.

Enlil was worried about the expansion of humankind and he wanted to end it immediately. He gained the confidence of the other gods to empower the human liquidation.

This myth is actually considered to be the cause of the biblical story of Noah and the universal flood.

Enki was the main shaper of planet Earth, god of the magic and the lord of Abzu, freshwater sea within the Earth.

Enki is also described as the inventor of the apkallu (great man – fish), creatures who during the daylight educated men in many different themes and at night they disappeared into the sea.

Enki’s look was a double – helix snake of the Caduceus which was consistently mixed up with the Rod of Asclepius who portrayed medicine. Enki designed the seven wise men or “Abgallu” (“Ab” for water, “Gal” for great and “Lu” for a man) with the use of the blood of slain Kingu. Adapa, the first modern man, later becomes the consultant of the King of Eridu.

Enki’s temple was called E-abzu and it was a temple encircled with Euphartean glades near the ancient city of Eridu. This temple is acknowledged as one of the first temples ever built in Southern Iraq.

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