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Mummified Body Remains In Peru Reveal DNA That Doesn’t Belong To A Human Being

Breathtaking information concerning the mummified alien remains found in an obscure cave near Nazca Peru reveal that 30% of its DNA is comparable to the one of the human beings, but 70% is not.

This data has been acquired by a team of researchers and they ratify the sensational discovery: The DNA of the alleged “three-fingered mummified” remains is not human.

The journalist and UFO explorer, Jaime Maussan gave the report for the mummified remains at the Ufology World Congress in Montserrat, Spain.

The tests brought up to light amazing results. Jaime Maussan said: “30 percent of this DNA is similar to the human being, but 70 percent is not.

The testing was conducted by the BioTecMol Laboratory. The report from the lab confirmed that the remains have a bacterial origin, however, more precise inquiry shows that only 20% originates are from bacteria and 80% has no way of taking its basis from bacteria meaning it is not like the other species on Planet Earth.

In the course of the Congress in Montserrat, Maussan played a video where the biologist Ricardo Ranger talks about the amazing findings.

“Of the four samples that have been studied, between 19 percent and 30 percent of similarities to the human genome have been identified. We are comparing with animals like primates, the crocodile, the sea turtle to see if there are similarities and the results are that so far with the database we have there is no similarity. We still have a lot more DNA to a sequence which will take us at least six months to one year,” says Mr. Rangel in the video.

The hesitation and skepticism among the scientists are however still very big, even though the researchers presented abundant data as evidence that supports their sightings.
Jaime Maussan thinks that the government and the scientists in the Peruvian Ministry of Culture are undercutting his breakthrough. They are trying to mark the enigmatic alien bodies as fake because of their anxiety of the truth being revealed and history book being rephrased again, adds Maussan.

Lab tests confirmed the bodies date back to between 245 and 410 AD.

Anyway, pessimists think that the mummified remains were modified in order the mummies to look like aliens.

Scientists that discredit the findings of Maussan and his team say that the bodies were “constructed” using mummified human remains but Mr. Maussan replied that they can’t just say that without truly spending time analyzing the bodies.

Mr. Maussan added: “The attitude of the government, the Ministry of Culture, is real to reject these findings, it is very disturbing… the real victim here is the truth.


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