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Painting From 1930’s Proof Of Time Travel. Native American Holds Smartphone

Mr. Pynchon, born in 1590, was a successful trader of furs with origins from Springfield, Massachusetts. The painting about him, called “Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield” was made in 1937.

The bizarre scene in this 1937’s painting illustrates a man in the focus, holding what seems to be a mobile smartphone. The weirdest thing is that he is holding the phone in the exact same way it’s supposed to be held today. Some specialists say it could be an iron blade or maybe even a religious text, while history researchers say the mystery gadget is actually a mirror.

Could this represent prove of an actual time travel? The home ground American appears to use a 21st-century technological innovation product even though the painting illustrates a scene from the 17th century.

The baffling man appears to have white feathers in his hair and he is wearing white clothing piece while holding an object that looks like a modern – day mobile phone in a way people hold it in the present.

The picture shows Mr. Pynchon circled around with American people in an occurring which happened nearly 400 years before the actual invention of the first smartphone and nearly 700 years before the invention of the iPhone.

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