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What Is The Worst Food To Consume Before Sleeping?

Some of the nutrition and health specialists have compiled a list of products that you should avoid consuming in the evening, more precisely before you lie down, as they can disturb your sleeping, but also cause other health problems such as weight gain and reduced immunity.


The action of the afternoon coffee lasts longer than you think. The caffeine is kept in the body for so many hours, so drinking a coffee at 4 pm is not a really good idea if you plan to lie down earlier that night. The tea also contains a lot of caffeine but is good to know that consuming the herbal tea can help you to fall asleep.


The chocolate is a hidden source of caffeine. The darker chocolate contains more caffeine due to the higher percentage of the cocoa inside. Some of the drinks with caramel inside can also contain a small percent of caffeine.

Fatty food

Such a food very often can cause a strain on the digestive system, so the people are sleepy and sleep more during the day. This can ultimately lead to increased some body weight, but also hinder the night’s sleep. Many experts explain this by the mention of the hormone orexin in their books, which can hinder the effects of the hormones that regulate the sleep and the appetite as well.


Many people notice that after a few cups of alcohol they easily fall asleep, but the alcohol stops the deep phases of sleep that is important for remembering and the motor skills. At the beginning of the night, it can trigger a deep sleep, but in the second half, it can cause some frequent waking, followed by some strange dreams, which often makes us wake up and still feel tired.


While we are sleeping, our body does not digest the food, so a meal rich in proteins that have been decaying for a long time is a killer for our dream. If you want to eat a piece of meat for dinner, then choose turkey meat that besides the proteins also contains the amino acid tryptophan, which causes drowsiness.

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